A house numbered “338” is abandoned and boarded up in Flint, Michigan
Protestors gather at a park in Raleigh, North Carolina to protest against President Donald Trump after news of the Ku Klux Klan planning to march in celebration of his presidency
The State Black World Conference IV was held November 16-20, 2016. The panel discusses the state of black America’s economics, education and politics for black families and communities
Anti-Trump protestors stand in front of Trump Towers with their signs
The Brooklyn bridge
A landscape of downtown Manhattan taken from Brooklyn
Crowds of people walk the streets to sight see and enjoy the entertainment in Times Square, New York
The Flint river is contaminated with trash and waste, and continues to flow
There are many murals in Michigan. Here is a cadillac mural in Flint, Michigan with a license plate that reads “Flint”
A few abandoned houses on Joslyn Street in Highland Park, Michigan